Employment Discrimination

Consult our employment discrimination attorneys if you have been the victim of prejudice on the job or have experienced what you believe to be bias while you were applying and interviewing for a job. It does not matter whether the actions of an employer are intentional, or if there are practices in place that have a discriminatory effect. It is illegal, and you may have legal options and the opportunity to appeal a decision. Call if you are a federal employee, work for a state or local government, educational institution or a private employer.

Protect yourself from discrimination and harassment.

Under state and federal laws employers may not harass or discriminate against an employee based upon their race, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, or disability, or because the employee is over the age of 40. It is also illegal to punish employees for complaining about such treatment.

As an Employment Law Firm, we represent those who have been wrongfully terminated, retaliated against, or faced an unlawful action in the workplace based upon any of the following:

  • Race or color discrimination;
  • National origin discrimination;
  • Religious discrimination;
  • Gender discrimination;
  • Marital status discrimination;
  • Pregnancy discrimination;
  • Sexual orientation (or perceived sexual orientation) discrimination;
  • Disability discrimination: including perceived disability, mental illness and failure to accommodate;
  • Age discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Hostile work environment; or
  • Retaliation by the employer for you complaining about any of the above categories.

The goal is to reach a satisfactory resolution of your claim, either before an administrative hearing board, through a procedural course of action, in a court of law, or in an appeals process. No employment discrimination attorney can predict the outcome of a case, but you may want to know that the law allows for various “remedies” for employment discrimination, including:

  • Back pay;
  • Hiring (if denied a job initially);
  • A promotion;
  • Reinstatement (if wrongfully terminated);
  • Reasonable workplace accommodations for a disabled employee
  • Creation of the job conditions that would have been had there not been discrimination; and
  • Attorney’s fees and costs.

The employment discrimination attorneys and EEOC lawyers in our office serves clients in Washington DC, Baltimore MD as well as Annapolis, Ellicott City, Upper Marlboro, Glen Burnie, Silver Spring, Bowie, Salisbury, Crofton, Severna Park, and Rockville. The discussion of remedies on this website is not a promise pertaining to what could happen in your case.

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